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5 Best Shopify Books to Master the Dropshipping business [Dropshipping Books]

Shopify is a leading software to work with the dropshipping business. And so, if you are thinking to do dropshipping business, shopify can be one of the best place to get started. And what can be better than the best Shopify books to get started with the Shopify stores.

Even when I thought of starting with dropshipping, without a second thought, I understood the concepts of Shopify and then launched a store which made me $349 in profit in the very first month.

So, when it comes to dropshipping business, Shopify stores are best in the business. You don’t have to think about anything and can experience a hassle-free eCommerce business.

best shopify dropshipping books

Also, it’s not like Shopify is the only company which enables you to do dropshipping business, but they are the market leader. You can do the same using WordPress with woocommerce plugin as well, but the process is quite complicated. And being a beginner, I will definitely won’t recommend you do the same. You can simply signup for shopify and get started in as less as $29 per month.

Now, as your eCommerce store will completely rely on the shopify and so you need to do some ins and out of the shopify system. You need to know how customization works, how you can change the different stuffs etc. This is pretty much similar to what we have with WordPress or Magento CMS.

So, these top shopify books will be a good place to start with the amazing dropshipping CMS to enter into the world of eCommerce.

5 Best Shopify Books to Master the Dropshipping business [Dropshipping Books]

Here are the top shopify books which the best dropshippers recommend reading and launch your eCommerce store. These top shopify books are also a shopify books for beginners as well as shopify books for advanced people who have some knowledge.

#1 Dropshipping: How to launch a shopify store in 1 hour and earn $1000/month

dropshipping books

Yes, this is one of the best book I have read so far!

Noah J. Walker has put all his industry experience here and has made the book amazing. This shopify book’s title itself says, launch shopify store in 1 hour and earn $1000 per month without any inventory.

With this book, you will discover the hidden secret of the dropshipping business and how best you can use those using shopify store. They also explain about the mandatory shopify plugins you should have in your store.

Here are some of the highlights of this shopify book-

  • Learn to start dropshipping business from scratch
  • Do the dropshipping niche research and select the profitable shopify niche
  • Learn to find the best and profitable product to sell with higher profit margin
  • How to access thousands of products without investing any penny or having inventory.
  • Common tools we should use in dropshipping business to get the best out of it and more

The book is available in both kindle and paper book format and you can buy to get started. This shopify book contains 95 pages and so is quite compact and you can complete in a day. For pricing and review about this Shopify book, you can check on Amazon from the link given below.

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#2 Shopify: A Beginner’s Guide

shopify booksThis is another shopify books for beginner which has considered that the reader is completely new to Shopify and dropshipping.

This book has been authored by Greg Parker, a great time dropshipper and has penned down all his experience. You will find this shopify book talking about the basic and then the implementation steps. So, you won’t only learn about the theoretical approach but also the practical approach to setup and run the shopify store.

So, if you are looking for the step by step guide which can help you start an online shopify store then this dropshipping book is for you. Also, you will learn how to earn form it.

With this Shopify beginner book, you will be majorly learning the following-

  • What Is Shopify?
  • How to make money on Shopify
  • How to do Dropshipping on Shopify
  • Doing dropshipping for Maximizing Profit
  • Shipping and Tax rates customization
  • Keyword research for profit
  • Shopify, dropshipping SEO
  • How to create backlinks for shopify stores

And everything you need to know to start making money with shopify and dropshipping!

This best shopify book contains just 56 pages and so will be easier for you to complete in a day and start your own store. The book is also available in both kindle and paper book and so, depending on your convenience, you can read. For pricing and user reviews, you can check Amazon from the link shared below.

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#3 Shopify Application Development

shopify booksShopify Application Development is also a leading shopify book by Packt publication and has been authored by Michael Larkin.

This is an easy to follow manual that will guide you through the entire process of Shopify application development. This starts with-

  • What is Shopify and dropshipping
  • How to install Shopify
  • Local shopify development
  • Shopify application deployment to Heroku and others

So, as you can see, this Shopify book is majorly for the shopify developers and shopify administrator who work at the large scale.

After reading this Shopify book, you will be able to develop the Shopify apps which will really work. For all these, if you have just the familiarity with shopify and some programming knowledge, those will suffice.

You can quickly get started with the Shopify application development. This dropshipping shopify development book contains around 109 pages and is easy to follow. You can check about the pricing and reviews on Amazon.

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#4 Shopify: Beginner to pro Guide

shopify booksThis is another amazing Shopify book you can read to be the expert in shopify and dropshipping. As the name of this Shopify book suggest, the book starts from the beginner to the pro level.

This top dropshipping book is written by Timothy Short and he himself is an expert dropshipper. He has mentioned almost all the aspect of the dropshipping like how to research the product, how to find the profitable product and much more.

With this shopify book, you can read and implement the below-

  • Learn to research the products which are profitable
  • Learn the art of selling the product without making any inventory
  • How to create amazing and memorable logo
  • Art of creating the brand in the ecommerce segment

And the best thing is, you don’t need a Kindle to read this book. You can either get a hard copy or use your computer to read this shopify book. For the details like pricing and reviews, you can check the Amazon site using the link below.

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#5 Shopify Blueprint- Creating a passive income

shopify booksShopify blueprint book has been written by Nicholas Krall, an all-time leading dropshipper who plays in million. They have built dozens of successful shopify stores and have given examples in this shopify book as well.

With this book, you will be able to start your own Shopify store in a day and immediately can start working on the products and niches. It’s important to select the good shopify niche which can give you good profit.

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These were some of the best shopify book to get started with shopify and dropshipping. These top dropshipping books not only help your launch the shopify stores but also help you scale it and get the sale.
So, start following any of these top shopify books shared above and start building your own ecommerce store without thinking about inventory.

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These best shopify books will help you launch your own shopify store and enter into the dropshipping business. Start with these dropshipping books and master the concepts of shopify niche research, shopify product research, finding profitable products, and much more.

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