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Best Tableau books To Master Data Visualization

We have earlier discussed the best blockchain books and best data analytics books to get started. To continue our best analytics books journey, today we will be dealing with best data visualization books.And what can be better than the best Tableau books as Tableau is one of the most demanded and useful data visualization tools in the market?

best tableau books for beginner

As per the market research company Gartner, Tableau is leading the Gartner magic quadrant since last five years in data visualization segment.

gartner data visualization magic quadrant 2018
No matter what backend technology you are using, you need any data visualization and reporting tool to visualize those data. If you will look for the Big Data BI tool also, Tableau is leading the market as of now.

Ultimately, business and stakeholders don’t have that much time when they will start analyzing your data. All they need is the graphs, reports, and dashboards and what can be better than Tableau. Ultimately, Tableau is the market leader in the data reporting and visualization segment.

Again, when you want to start working on any new tool, what can be better than the book. And so, we will start looking for the best Tableau book here. Also, if you are new and looking for the online tableau training, you can follow us.

Let’s start and see some of the best Tableau books for beginners. These books are equally important if you are already working on Tableau and want to acquire expert knowledge of Tableau.

5 Best Tableau Books to Master Data Visualization Using Tableau

Here are the 5 best books to learn Tableau from scratch. Even if you are completely new to data visualization and reporting then also you can follow these Tableau books for beginners.

#1 Learning Tableau 10 [Check Details]

learning tableauBook Name: Learning Tableau 10

Author: Joshua N. Milligan

Publisher: Packt Publishing

Pages: 432

Pricing & Review: Please check at Amazon

If you are completely new to Tableau, learning tableau 10 books will be an ideal destination for you to get started. This book is for everyone who has data but doesn’t have any reporting setup. You can have data and get started with this learning tableau book to convert those data into the insightful visualization dashboard in Tableau.

Who should read this book-

  • If you are a complete beginner to Tableau, you should start with Learning Tableau
  • If you have data and want to represent it, Learning Tableau is the best book to start with it
  • For everyone who wants to start with Business Analytics with Tableau

With Learning Tableau, you will be able to learn the following-

  • Create stylish dashboards and reports which will solve the complex problem with extreme clarity
  • Learn storytelling skills which will transform your business ideas into a business problem solution
  • Get the recently introduced features of Tableau 10
  • Dig deeper with the data with clustering and distribution models that will analyze the data and business trends
  • Share the dashboards and stories with the internal and external users
  • Automate the reports and dashboards for data refresh

This Tableau book for beginner focuses completely on the beginner approach and explains each tableau topic from a practical approach. It also teaches you the advanced tableau tips & tricks and advanced tableau charts and reports.

Check Pricing, Review & Other Details At Amazon

#2 Practical Tableau [Check Details]

  • tableau booksBook Name: Practical Tableau: 100 Tips, Tutorials, and Strategies from a Tableau Zen Master
  • Author: Ryan Sleeper
  • Publisher: O’Reilly
  • Pages: 624
  • Price & Reviews: Please check at Amazon

If you just don’t want to become one who knows tableau but the one who is expert in a tableau with the best practices. Practical tableau provides you 1o0 tips, tutorials, and strategies from the Tableau expert writer Ryan. Rayan is also a Tableau Zen Master and has written from his experience.

So, if you are just a Tableau beginner or has some experience with Data Visualization, this practical tableau book is for you. It helps you to compile the data and make interactive dashboards which provides some real meaning of data. This Tableau book offers the following five sections which itself complete the complete Tableau course.

Fundamentals: This section of practical tableau book covers the basics of the tableau
Chart types: The book explains the various charts with a step-by-step method to make tableau charts from scratch. It also depicts the advanced tableau charts.
Tips and tricks: learn innovative uses of parameters, color theory, how to make your Tableau workbooks run efficiently, and more
Framework: explore the INSIGHT framework, a proprietary process for building Tableau dashboards
Storytelling: Learn how to tell the story and develop the tableau stories for the dashboard you have created. Also, learn the skills to present those tableau stories.

Check Pricing, Review & Other Details At Amazon

#3 Tableau Cookbook [Check Details]

  • tableau cookbookBook Name: Tableau Cookbook – Recipes for Data Visualization
  • Author: Shweta Sankhe-Savale
  • Pricing & Review: Please check at Amazon

Cookbooks have always been one of the best books to start with. No matter it is Blockchain book or Data Analytics books, the cookbook has always been preferred. This Tableau cookbook is for everyone who is looking to start with Tableau from scratch.

This Tableau cookbook is for beginners as well as experienced and for those who are looking to create the interactive dashboards and finding the best insights from the data. The book has been developed for everyone who is looking to make a career in data visualization or for the seasoned developer. With this Tableau book, you will be learning-

  • Important Tableau terminologies and factors like facts, dimensions, page shelf etc.
  • Learn to develop and design various basic and advanced tableau charts like- bar chart, stacked bar, pie chart, line chart, area chart, treemap & word cloud.
  • Learn advanced visualization stuffs like- scatter plot, box & whiskers plot, dual axis, bullet chart, Histograms, Maps, etc.
  • Learn the important concepts like- group, parameter, calculated fields, sets and various other techniques
  • Build dashboards and add actions in the dashboards
  • Connect to multiple data sources using Data Blending, Multiple Table Join within the same data source as well as across data sources, Custom SQL and learn to work with data Extracts.

With this Tableau cookbook, you will be also able to make predictions based on the historical data and also provides the best analytics and recommendation system to your business.

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#4 Tableau for Dummies [Check Details]

tableau book for dummiesThe duo authors, Molly Monsey, Paul Sochan have come with an amazing book named Tableau for dummies which is a complete tableau book for a beginner. This is a real book which can even teach tableau to those who don’t know what visualization is.

This tableau book has been released by the for dummies publication and like any other dummies book, tableau for dummies has also taken care the complete beginner in mind. With this best tableau book, you will be able to understand the tableau user interface and analyze the data from multiple sources to find the best insight.

The book also helps you understand the power of Tableau, understand the complex business problem, solve it, and then visualize it in a way that everyone can understand and take necessary actions. Here are some of the highlights of this tableau book for a beginner-

  • How to rearrange data views
  • All about data connections
  • Ways to choose a data source
  • A guide to shelves and cards
  • Why multiple sheets are useful
  • How to provide online access
  • When to use calculated fields

And various amazing tips to make you a perfect tableau professional.

  • Book Name: Tableau for Dummies (For Dummies (Computer/Tech))
  • Authors: Molly Monsey and Paul Sochan
  • Publisher: For Dummies
  • Pages: 288
  • Pricing and feedback: Check at Amazon

Check Pricing, Review & Other Details At Amazon

#5 Tableau Dashboard Cookbook [Check Details]

Tableau Dashboard Cookbook is another excellent tableau book to get started with the data visualization. The author of this tableau book, Jen is an award-winning data analytics and reporting guy and have been recognized globally.

He has shared his real-life experiences and example. If you are looking to start with tableau with some real-time problem-solving examples and case studies, Tableau Dashboard Cookbook is the book for you.

The book has been developed considering the recent major version of tableau i.e. Tableau 10 and leverage the potential to analyze and create the tableau dashboards.

It also uses the principles of data visualization to develop the dashboards to enlighten and support business decisions. By going through this data visualization book for the beginner, you will be able to develop some solid dashboards which will be loved by your stakeholders.

Features of this Tableau Dashboard Cookbook

  • It helps you acquire the best design principles and also the best practices followed in the industry
  • Use these Tableau designs to meet the requirements of your business
  • Communicate and share the Tableau dashboards internally and externally and even to Tableau public
  • You can integrate your data to provide mashed up dashboards
  • Learn to put proper color combination, fonts, and style which makes the visualization perfect.
  • Work on the complex data system and generate some quick and easy to implement a solution which will make the business take necessary decisions.

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Wrapping it up

Needless to say, Tableau is one of the most demanding data visualization tool in the current scenario. With the inclusion of the new product, Tableau Prep, the product has become even more exciting and useful.
So, if you are someone who plays with the data or someone who is looking to make a career in the data field, Tableau can be one of the ideal destinations. Also, what can be more beneficial than a tableau book to get started with the amazing world of data visualization tool Tableau.

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Here are the top 5 best tableau books for everyone who are looking to start with Tableau and data visualization. Tableau is a leading data visualization software and these tableau 10 books offers you the best tableau dashboard tips & techniques. Learn how to get free tableau desktop license for one year also.

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